Retail Mobile Apps Unpopular

Over the years, mobile users have been plagued with the development of significant number of mobile applications. However, this progress seemed to have taken its toll, and now, most people do really welcome the idea of scrolling through numerous apps in their phones. One research conducted by Episerver showed that one in three UK retailers does not offer app in its products. A few years ago, this result would have struck people as add, making them think that not offering an app is quite absurd and only shows failure to understand the needs of mobile users. However, at present, it seems that customers are already getting tired of apps.

Results of the research also showed that most retailers are not focusing their attention on mobile Web marketing. Companies are investing on mobile advertising, content, and search through browsers. As people are adapted to searching online, they can be expected to enjoy browsing user their mobile phones.

Still, there can be exceptions with regard to current issues of flooding of apps. Some people may prefer using a specific app for a preferred app. For instance, a number of mobile users prefer using apps to check their bank balance, check for flights, or book train tickets.

However, people can also access most of the content offered in app through websites. And as most apps do not have anything new to offer to the users or anything that can surpass the web, contacting retailers through apps does not seem attractive anymore.

Thus, as is now common nowadays, people just download apps and use these for a few times before finally forgetting that they have installed something on their phones. Moreover, most mobile users now only use apps for their most favorite brands or those that aid them doing things that they normally do everyday.

Retail Mobile Apps Unpopular